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Our featured beard care products are some of the best beard oils, beard balms, moustache waxes and beard washes from around the world.

Latest Additions

The latest additions to our beard care range. From brand new suppliers, to new scents or just new sizes, these are the latest additions to The Beard Emporium.


Beard Oil

A good quality beard oil is the mainstay of beard care. Warm a few drop in the palm of your hands and work through your beard making sure to get right down to your skin. It will help to soften the hair by preventing drying out and will put a stop to dry, flakey skin.

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Beard Wash

Beard washes, specialised beard shampoo and beard conditioner can come in liquid form, similar to regular shampoo or as a solid bar. Unlike regular shampoo these are designed for use on your face and will not dry out your skin or cause irritation. Gentle moisturising ingredients replace the often harsh chemicals found in a lot of shampoos.

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Beard Brushes

Regular brushing or combing of your beard is a great way to remove loose hairs and dead skin. It will immediately make your beard feel softer and is a great way to evenly spread oil and balm through the hair.

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