Beard Balm

Beard Balm is a great alternative to, or accompaniment for our range of Beard Oil.
Also known as Beard Butter or Beard Wax, most of our beard balms use Cera Flava, otherwise known as beeswax, to create a solid preparation. Combined with ingredients such as Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, and various nut oils, they are a highly moisturising and nourishing product which can bring even the coarsest of beards back to life.
Beard Balm tends to give a more complete coating to individual hairs meaning they’re particularly well suited to longer beards. For shorter beards choosing between an oil and a balm is often just a personal preference, but some people do find a solid balm easier to deal with especially if you’re on the go. Let’s face it, you’re not going to spill a balm!
Just like our range of beard oils our balms are available in a range of fragrances or unscented.

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